Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning Fixes Cooling Issue

| Grand Prairie TX HVAC Customer Gets Cool Fast

This week, Integrity Air Conditioning techs were in Grand Prairie, TX helping another customer stay cool.

A common problem with central air conditioners is a dirty condenser coil. If the A/C is set to a low temperature – but the space is not getting cool – then chances are very good that the A/C unit outside has a dirty or clogged condenser coil.

The condenser coil looks like a filter on the side of your outdoor air conditioner unit. Because the coil is outside – the condenser coil catches all dirt, dust, leaves and small trash from the surrounding air.

Another exciting day at Integrity Air Conditioning – keeping the Dallas area cool, one home and business at a time!

Texas A/C Hazard – Sticky Cottonwood Seed Fluff

Cottonwood seeds are not only bad for those with allergies. They are very bad for air conditioner condenser coils.

In Texas in the late spring and early summer, cottonwood trees release sticky seeds that can actually get so thick – it looks like snow! The seeds are very light and travel on the wind; they can reach an area within several miles of the tree.

These seeds have amazing sticking power and must be carefully removed from air conditioner condenser coils. If you live in an area within range of cottonwood tree seeds – contact us for A/C maintenance.

Lawn Clippings and Leaves – Natural Enemies of Condenser Coils

Another common source of clogged and dirty a/c condenser coils is lawn maintenance. If enough grass clippings and leaves are directed at – or get into – the coils, it can form a thick blanket over time.

As more clippings are caught by the coils, a lattice forms that holds more clippings. The condenser coil surface area can become totally covered to several inches deep. At that point, the a/c unit will not cool at all.

What is a Condenser Coil?

The part of a central air conditioner located outside the home or business is called the condenser. It contains the compressor, condenser cooling fins and tubes and a fan.

The condenser coil outside is a similar design to the evaporator coil inside. The evaporator coil inside picks up heat from indoor air, and the condenser coil outside releases heat into outdoor air.

Because condenser coils are outside and exposed to dust, dirt and air-borne particles – it is important to keep the coils clean.

When to Schedule A/C Maintenance?

It is a good idea to schedule maintenance twice yearly for your central air conditioning and heating unit.

Usually, maintenance is best scheduled once in the fall – and once in late spring or early summer. Scheduling regular maintenance keeps your central air conditioning and furnace in top condition.

Results of Regular A/C Maintenance?

  1. Save MONEY with lower energy bills.
  2. Save TIME by owning a central air system that runs at peak efficiency with no down time.

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