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HVAC Airflow Balancing and Air Duct Install

| Airflow Challenge: Hot and Cold Spots

| What is HVAC Airflow Balancing?

Airflow balancing assures that every room in your home or business is receiving the right quantity of vented air. Rooms the far end of a home of office should be receiving the same heating and cooling comfort as rooms closer to the HVAC unit.

Integrity Air Conditioning was in Euless last week helping a local business to eliminate hot and cold spots in their office area.

Integrity A/C techs performed air flow measurements on the HVAC system to determine if the air flow from all vents was balanced. The air ducts are one of the the first places to look in cases of hot and cold spots. During inspection, our techs had determined that the air ducts were relatively new; there were no breaks or cracks in the ductwork that needed sealing or replacing.

Air Flow Solution

In this office, the adjustment needed to achieve correct airflow (and eliminate hot and cold spots) was to install a return air vent and ductwork.

Just another exciting day at Integrity Air Conditioning – keeping the Dallas area cool in summer and warm in winter – one home and business at a time!

Benefits of a Right-Sized HVAC System with Balanced Airflow

Comfort, Lower Utility Bills, Longer HVAC System Life.

The business owners can now look forward to comfort in all seasons: cool in warm weather, draft-free in winter; with lower energy costs and a more quiet operation. The business will enjoy a very cozy winter – and pay less on energy bills!

And of course, in the warmer months – the office area will be cool and comfortable.

Not comfortable? Need to Replace the HVAC System? Maybe not.

Time to replace your HVAC system? The entire heating and cooling system may not need to be replaced.

For example, if there are unresolved issues with unbalanced air flow, a replacement system will also not heat or cool efficiently.

We test and evaluate all possibilities before recommending a course of action. In many cases, Integrity A/C can work with the existing system. Airflow can be balanced, air ducts can be sealed or replaced, or a new control panel can be installed.

Each system is unique – there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Save on energy costs while enjoying maximum comfort in your business and home environment.

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