Northeast Dallas – Feeling Warm and Comfy with a Furnace Tune Up

| Integrity A/C and Heating – Dallas Area Residential and Commercial HVAC was in Garland this week performing a furnace tune up for another happy customer.

Why Do Furnaces Need Tune Ups?

There are many reasons why an annual furnace tune up saves time and money. Our Garland customer has a gas furnace. For gas furnaces – it is important to perform several critical safety checks. Gas combustion creates carbon monoxide (CO), which is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly. Normally the CO produced by the gas flame burning in the furnace is exhausted out of your home. A furnace that is out of adjustment can leave CO in your home; which can be extremely hazardous.

Our Garland customer had a dirty flame sensor; which we cleaned. In furnaces, a dirty flame sensor can cause furnace cycling off and on without proper heating. This not only causes an uncomfortable temperature level – the furnace runs up energy bills by running more than needed.

And the constant off-and-on running causes additional wear and tear on all furnace parts; reducing the life span of your heating system. In the photos below – you can see how dirty the sensor was before cleaning.

Just another exciting day at Integrity Air Conditioning: keeping the Dallas area cool in summer and warm in winter – one home and business at a time!

Integrity A/C and Heating – 20 Point Furnace Tune Ups, Including:

  • Prep for peak performance. After resting all summer long, your furnace needs to wake up and deliver heat every day during winter months. Annual furnace service is the best way to ensure reliable, efficient performance.
  • Visual inspection. Integrity A/C technicians will check not only the furnace, but also the fuel line, flue pipe, main plenum and connecting ductwork.
  • Combustion safety. It’s important to make sure that your furnace is venting correctly, with no dangerous combustion gasses getting into your living space.
  • Filter check. Dirty filters will be replaced or cleaned. Our tech will also confirm proper filter size and type.
  • Furnace cleaning. We remove carbon, soot and other combustion byproducts from the burner and combustion chamber helps to promote more efficient operation.
  • Blower check. By listening to your system’s blower and performing a visual inspection, your HVAC specialist will be able to determine if there’s a bearing or balance problem.
  • System check. Part of the service includes running the furnace and blower to confirm that the thermostat is working correctly and that warm air is being delivered to your living space.

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Texas weather is CHANGEABLE. It can be 80 degrees during the day – and 30 degrees with a brisk north wind and a wind chill of around 0 degrees – the same evening!

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