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Texas weather is CHANGEABLE. It could be sleeting or snowing next week. And, it’s almost time for the legendary unpredictable Stock Show Weather!

2018 Fort Worth Stock Show Jan 12 – Feb 3, 2018
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Don’t be caught without a working furnace: save money and time now with our Furnace Tune Up Coupon Special.

  • Maintain Your Furnace Once Yearly
  • Increase Furnace Efficiency
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Extend the Life of Air Conditioning System or Furnace
  • Ensure the Safety of your Furnace – and your Family
  • Reduce Allergies and Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Eliminate cold spots, reduce allergies with our Jan 2018 Air Duct Repair and Sealing Coupon

Our Furnace Tune Up 20 Point Process

Furnace Tune Ups and Maintenance keep you safe!

Electric furnaces need maintenance to run efficiently.

Gas furnaces burn fuel to produce heat. Even a small problem can lead to gas leaking into your home – or dangerous carbon monoxide levels.

  1. Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  2. Check volt/amps on meters
  3. Inspect and check safeties and controls
  4. Check for air leaks around indoor equipment
  5. Inspect indoor blower and motor
  6. Test for carbon monoxide
  7. Inspect heat exchanger
  8. Clean or replace existing filter (provided by client)
  9. Check refrigerant (Heat Pump Only)
  10. Inspect pilot assembly
  11. Check for obvious refrigerant leaks
  12. Inspect indoor coil
  13. clean outdoor coil (Heat Pump Only)
  14. Inspect and adjust burner if needed
  15. Inspect and test gas valve
  16. Inspect flue for cracks and obstructions
  17. Check operation and condition of compressor (Heat Pump Only)
  18. Check operation of thermostat
  19. Inspect ductwork
  20. Inform customer of findings and recommendations

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