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Dallas Summer is HERE! Temperatures will be 90+ – and beyond – until next October.

When was YOUR Last
A/C Tune Up?

Save time and money with more efficient cooling; no downtime.

An analysis of 2,400 service calls revealed that up to 65% of A/C repairs could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

Here in North Texas, Dallas summers are very hot and humid. No one wants to come home after a long day and discover the air conditioner is not working – and the house is 90+ degrees indoors.

(We hope this never happens to you! But if you do have a/c problems nights, weekends or holidays – we have Dallas 24/7 Emergency HVAC Service. Call (972) 270-1244.)

Neglecting necessary a/c maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance – as energy use steadily increases.

  • Maintain Your A/C Once Yearly
  • Increase A/C Efficiency
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Extend the Life of Air Conditioner
  • Reduce Allergies

Importance of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Dirty A/C Filter, Before Maintenance

Air conditioners require regular maintenance in order for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service.

Would you drive a car 30,000 miles without an oil change? If you did, the engine would be permanently damaged; or would burn out.

You should not run your air conditioner without regular maintenance, either! A modern air conditioner is high performance machinery.

A/C Tune Ups Maintain Indoor Air Quality:
Minimize Allergies

An important reason for a/c tune ups: inspecting and keeping the evaporator coils clean and dirt-free. Regular a/c maintenance help prevent debris build-up in evaporator coils.

A major advantage of air conditioning in North Texas is removal of humidity from indoor air. When the a/c runs, the indoor evaporator coils are constantly damp with condensation. As a result of the moisture, dirt builds up on evaporator coils.

Indoor Air Quality Issues – Allergens

Airborne allergens find a perfect breeding ground in wet coils. Debris build-up inside evaporator coils can eventually obstruct airflow through the coil.

This will cause major problems within the central a/c system. Ignoring regular maintenance means a steady decline in air conditioner performance – while energy costs steadily increase.

But even worse, constantly wet evaporator coils often develop dirt and debris build-up. Evaporator coils with allergens will cause distribution throughout the house. Re-circulated allergens create enormous problems with indoor air quality.

Many homeowners are shocked to find their evaporator coils are covered with dirt! All cooled air in the a/c system passes over the evaporator coils before being circulated into the home.

If the evaporator coils have allergen build-up – you are breathing the allergens. Debris and dirt build-up can worsen or cause allergies; and can increase asthma attacks in sensitive individuals. Studies have shown that even in healthy individuals – indoor air quality issues can cause significant health problems. Most health experts agree that spending time in environments with airborne allergens can contribute to respiratory illnesses; including allergy, asthma, cough, runny nose, and sinus conditions.

Central A/C Outdoor Condenser Coils

Outdoor condenser coils can become very dirty if the outdoor environment is dusty; or if there are nearby shrubs. Outdoor coils should be cleaned and inspected regularly. If the condenser coils are 100% blocked – your air conditioner will stop cooling.

Cottonwood seed fluff – common this time of year in the Dallas area – sticks to condenser coils like glue. Cottonwood seed fluff can accumulate in depths of up to several inches! The seed fluff requires careful removal.

It is recommended to plant foliage at least 2 feet away from the outdoor unit. Make certain to keep cut grass and yard clippings away from the outdoor condenser unit.

Make A/C Tune Up Appointment

  • Maintain Your A/C Once Yearly
  • Increase A/C Efficiency
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Extend the Life of Air Conditioner

A/C Tune Up Process

  1. Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  2. Check volts/amps on meters
  3. Inspect and check safeties and controls
  4. Check for air leaks around indoor equipment
  5. Inspect Indoor blower and motor
  6. Check blower speed and airflow
  7. Check temperature differential
  8. Clean or replace existing filter (filter provided by client)
  9. Check refrigerant
  10. Inspect condensate pad
  11. Check for obvious refrigerant leaks
  12. Inspect indoor evaporator coils
  13. Clean outdoor condenser coils
  14. Check contacts and relays
  15. Check run and start capacitors
  16. Check operation and condition of compressor
  17. Check operation of thermostat
  18. Inspect visible ductwork
  19. Lubricate as needed
  20. Inform customer of findings and recommendations

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