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Air Quality Benefits of Sealing and Repairing Ductwork

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If your home is more than 10 years old – you probably have cracked and leaking ductwork. Your attic does not need summer cooling. Cracked air ducts send expensive cooled air straight to – your attic.

Worse, attic dust and debris will enter the air duct system and circulate throughout the house.

Got allergies that get worse once the a/c or furnace is running? Chances are good the air ducts have cracks or breaks. Stop sneezing and save money. That’s a good deal!

This is the last month we will have this special until next November. The cooler months are the best time for us to inspect and work on your ductwork.

Included in Integrity A/C Ductwork Coupon

  • 30% Off Air Duct / Ductwork Repair
  • 30% Off Air Duct / Ductwork Sealing and Patching
  • 30% Off Air Duct / Ductwork Replacement
  • We inspect, seal and patch all ductwork.
  • If some air ducts do need to be replaced – we replace ductwork by the section.
  • If we can repair a section instead of replacing it – we will.
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Reasons to Keep Air Ducts / Ductwork in Good Working Order

  1. Decrease allergies
  2. Reduce energy bills
  3. Eliminate hot and cold spots
  4. Safety – Eliminate backdrafting of insulation, dust and gases
  5. For more details, see: Dallas Ductwork Repair and Sealing

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Average Lifespan of HVAC Air Ducts: 10 Years

  • If your home was built in 2007 – the air ducts needs to be checked and probably needs sealing and/or patching in spots.
  • If your home was built before 2007 – the ductwork is cracking and deteriorating in spots.
  • Ductwork materials used before 2007 do not hold up as well as modern materials.
  • Older ductwork can literally crumble – sending your heated or cooled air into the attic. This will cause hot or cold spots as conditioned air is funneled into your attic – instead of your living space.
  • Deteriorating or broken ductwork increases allergies by circulating dust, dirt and insulation from the attic to the inside your home or office.
  • In older homes, as the foundation shifts over the years – ductwork pulls away from joins and can break. Most older homes have several ductwork breaks and routinely lose conditioned air into the attic; and/or circulates attic air with dust and particulates into living spaces.

Save money by keeping the air conditioning and heating air ducts in your home or office in good repair! Integrity Air Conditioning does Ductwork Repair and Sealing in the Dallas area.

Although you cannot see it, properly installed and correctly functioning ductwork is vitally important to the safe and efficient operation of your HVAC system or home air conditioning and furnace system.

Got allergies? Breaks in the ductwork can greatly degrade indoor air quality; allowing dust, fumes, insulation or even carbon monoxide to be circulated inside.

Got hot or cold spots? There is a good chance there is one or more breaks in the ductwork.

Energy bills higher than might be expected for your size home or office? There is a good chance the ductwork needs sealing or repairs.

Ductwork Mysteries and Little Known Facts

⇒ If your home is 10 years old – the air ducts need to be inspected for breaks and cracks.
⇒ If your home is more than 10 years old – there will be breaks and cracks in the ductwork.
⇒ If your home is more than 20 years old – there will be breaks and cracks in the ductwork; as well as crumbling sections of ductwork.
⇒ After major foundation repair work done for your home – be sure to have the ductwork checked for breaks.
⇒ Buying a new or pre-owned home? Be sure that your home inspector carefully checks the ductwork.
⇒ Strange But True: In one home built in the 1970’s, we found ductwork that stopped at a beam – instead of going around it.
⇒ All of the cold or warm air from the open section of the ductwork was being sent into the attic!

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